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Treasury professionals are operating in a challenging environment of increased regulation, more diversity in terms of availability of investments and liabilities as well as greater demands in terms of disclosure requirements.

With the increase in productivity, use of treasury related technologies help companies to reduce operational risks and reliance on manual processes and data entries; improve presentation of management information and gain faster access to data and analysis.

At Centrus, we have been supporting clients through the entire treasury management process by using a powerful combination of treasury and accounting expertise along with sophisticated treasury technology such as TITAN™. This support has ranged from the deal capturing stage, through to information processing and subsequently during the analysis and presentation of outputs. For further details and case study examples, please visit our Systems, Reporting & Valuation Services section.

TITAN™ is a treasury & risk management system (TRMS) developed by 3V Finance, a leading software developing company with high expertise in corporate treasury ( The TITAN™ platform has been designed to meet a diverse range of client requirements and has been recognized and approved by many major audit firms.

TITAN™ captures treasury portfolios and associated documentation, providing clients with the ability to access their portfolio information through standardised or customised tables, charts and reports for internal, external and accounting reporting.

Centrus offers several versions of TITAN™ to perfectly match with each company requirements and the platform is currently used by a wide selection of their residential, property, utility and infrastructure clients based in the UK and Ireland.

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Using TITAN™ allows me to quickly review and report on our financial liabilities, supporting our decision making processes and providing us with the quantitative tools to run scenario testing on our treasury portfolio. As we transition to FRS102, TITAN™ will enable me to easily value non-basic financial instruments, and understand the impact to the I&E from movements in forward LIBOR rates.
James Carr, Treasury Manager at Swan Housing Association


AssetCore is a real estate industry-wide collaborative solution designed to increase liquidity, reduce risk, and generate major cost efficiencies for housing associations and other owners of granular property portfolios in which lenders, trustees and other stakeholders have an interest and where other parties such as valuers and legal advisors need to have access to reliable and consistent forms of property data.

Offering a secure cloud based data service, AssetCore offers users the ability to store, analyse and share asset and security data and documents. The system was designed, built and validated by housing industry practitioners, taking feedback through the development process from housing associations and other key industry participants. AssetCore is also an Asset & Liability register solution.

AssetCore has been licensed to some of the leading housing associations in the sector and is being rolled out across banks, legal firms, valuers and trustees involved in the process of charging and maintaining property loan security. AssetCore is revolutionising the way in which housing associations manage property loan security, while reducing liquidity risk and supporting the drive for cost efficiencies, which is currently underway.

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We are extremely excited with the prospect of implementing AssetCore's security and asset data system.  In a fast moving and ever changing sector the need for such a system has never been greater with its ability to securely hold property details, advanced reporting options, together with its capacity to safely store transaction documents and project and compliance management tool kits we see this software solution as a must have for all Social Housing treasury and governance teams.
Chris Sharp, Property security manager, Circle Housing