Residential & Real Estate

Centrus is one of the leading advisors in the UK and Ireland to owners, managers and developers of affordable and private rented housing, both in the regulated and non-regulated sectors. Our team has many years of experience across banking, derivatives, debt capital markets and financing strategy and we have been involved in many of the key market developments and ground-breaking financing transactions in these sectors.

With the housing sectors in the UK and Ireland subject to considerable shortage of supply and a fast shifting regulatory and policy landscape, we work closely with our clients in responding to these changes and ensuring that their financial strategies are addressing the strategic objectives of the business. In particular, we have significant experience in working with our clients in order to understand their delivery capacity and to identify financing solutions which address apparent constraints to their ability to meet the policy objectives of increased housing supply. This involves consideration for all stakeholders including regulators, rating agencies, existing and future funders.

Once financing strategies have been set, our relationships with a wide range of key lenders and investors allow us to work with our clients in structuring transactions and running competitive processes in order to ensure that their businesses benefit from the lowest cost of capital possible over the long term.

Centrus has also advised leading commercial real estate businesses around financial strategy, capital raising and execution of derivatives transactions and provides treasury reporting and technology solutions to a range of residential and commercial real estate businesses.