Economic & Social Infrastructure

Economic & Social Infrastructure typically includes assets such as airports, port and rail infrastructure as well as those accommodating social services. Examples include schools, hospitals, prisons, police stations, courts, higher education, fire stations, social housing and street lighting. The development of social infrastructure is crucial to any country’s economic prosperity. The current global infrastructure gap is significant at a time of fiscal austerity and social infrastructure projects are often the first to be developed. The Public Private Partnership (PPP) model is often used and has been successfully deployed by many countries to deliver social infrastructure.

One of the key concepts of PPP is to transfer risk to those parties who are best able to manage it. This is regardless of whether those parties are from the public or private sector.   One of the key pillars of the model is value for money (VfM) and with scarce financial resources, the VfM test can be critical to ensuring efficient use of finances. The model also allows for the raising of private finance freeing up public finance for other uses.

Centrus has been assisting clients in both the public and private sector.

For private sector clients we can assist in:

  • Forming the bidding consortium
  • Providing strategic commercial and financial advice
  • Identifying the most appropriate and efficient funding solution and funders
  • Full Project Finance/PPP financial modelling
  • Writing the finance sections of the Expression of Interest and Tender documents
  • Completing a full project risk assessment
  • Negotiation with funders and key contract parties
  • Benchmarking and financial close execution
  • Secondary market sale of equity interests at the appropriate time.

For public sector clients we can assist in:

  • Developing the Business Case
  • Value for Money analysis
  • Structuring PPP programmes to ensure efficient financing,
  • Financial and credit analysis of tenders
  • Benchmarking financing and swap execution support.

Centrus and Inframation  have recently surveyed 100 senior-level UK-based direct equity investors in infrastructure. This survey is intended to provide further insight into the plans and aspirations of infrastructure sponsors, operating across the sector. A key finding is that infrastructure investment from the UK is booming as opportunities emerge in sectors such as power and transport.

As a leading corporate finance advisor to the infrastructure sector, Centrus is playing a key role in shaping the future, and we hope will become a recurrent event, providing a barometer for sentiment and trends.


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