Corporates & Financial Institutions

Coverage of the Corporate & Financial Institutions in the UK and Ireland includes banks, public and privately held companies and including general trading corporates, trustees, financial guarantors and lessors and investment companies. This grouping requires a wide variety of financial and treasury advisory services together with treasury valuation and reporting services.

Centrus has supported clients from this these areas in delivering or re-structuring capital markets and treasury transactions, and is able to offer our treasury valuation system and reporting services to support the operational treasury requirements of the business. In addition, we have advised banks and institutional investors on specific transactions and restructuring opportunities or where they have sought advice on the lending and investment opportunities in specific sectors where Centrus has recognised specialist expertise.

For the trustee market, Centrus has significant experience of acting as an independent financial advisor, drawing on its capital markets and financing expertise to provide tailored, pragmatic advice in the context of the obligations and duties of the trustee, particularly where market conventions or practices have changed or where the provisions of an existing transaction require specialist interpretation and assurance from a market expert.