Centrus Aviation Capital

Centrus Aviation Capital brings alternative yielding aviation assets to institutional and other international investors, enabling them to diversify their private asset exposure in a sector that remains under represented in traditional investment portfolios.

The business is registered and domiciled in the UK and is an independent lease and asset manager, that provides aviation services covering the full spectrum of requirements, including technical capabilities of the commercial aviation industry.

We have expertise, developed over many years in the aviation finance and leasing industry, which ensures that we have both in house knowledge and access to senior personnel through our industry partners which are essential to providing effective asset management services. We have extensive experience in managing aircraft assets on behalf of our global investor clients. We work closely with each of our clients to develop strategies and solutions to support their aviation assets.

We are able to provide the full range of asset management services to our investor clients, using our network of industry partners, who provide certain technical appraisal and engineering support. One of our key areas of expertise is the through-life management of aviation assets, including aircraft which are in mid-to-end of useful life and maximizing the remaining residual value in the asset.


Centrus Aviation Capital aims to deliver a steady stream of returns and create value for investor clients aircraft asset portfolios through:

  • Asset Leasing – with a track record spanning in excess of 100 years in the aviation finance industry including credit and risk analysis, structuring, pricing, debt and equity finance, operating leasing for commercial jets and aircraft engines, restructurings and work-outs.


  • Part-outs – through our industry partners we provide our clients with an efficient part-out of aircraft assets and a platform to sell, exchange or lease certified replacement parts at competitive rates to the market thereby maximising asset disposal value.


  • Repair & Overhaul – in a highly regulated business, we ensure that all component repairs are managed by a team of highly qualified technicians to obtain the necessary approvals to remarket components and spares and optimise resale value.

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