Asset Management (“CAM”)

CAM originates asset finance opportunities at inception as a co-financier with corporate clients looking to acquire key equipment, original equipment manufacturers looking to sell equipment to counterparties requiring flexibility on ownership, and lessors and captive lessors looking to de-risk or raise capital.

Supported by leading institutional investors, CAM is currently in the process of deploying significant volumes of institutional capital into stretch-infrastructure and strategic assets.

CAM is looking to invest in or acquire strategic, well-maintained assets such as specialist engines (aircraft or marine and generators), specialist shipping assets, energy sector assets such as oil & gas or renewables equipment, and transportation assets such as helicopters, business jets, freight rail, commercial vehicles, and plant and machinery.

This asset class is well-suited to institutional investors:

  • Attractive financial returns
  • Limited complexity for high premium corporate counterparty risk
  • Low operational risk
  • Simple documentation
  • Attractive tenors
  • Secured on strategic equipment
  • Full-pay-out / make whole clauses


On a comparable basis, asset finance transactions are generally priced at a higher yield than other debt instruments such as bonds, private placements, or loans, while having the advantage of asset security which lowers investor loss given default and increases recovery rates.

CAM has stringent origination and due diligence processes: engaging specialist valuers to determine specific investment levels and specialist asset managers to monitor equipment utilisation, condition, and value throughout the investment period.

CAM develops long-lasting, strategic relationships with corporate clients, manufacturers, and lessors, offering them cost-efficient funding solutions across key asset classes and in doing so broadening their investor-base; releasing equity trapped in assets through our co-investment products.

For further information:

Chris Hayes