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To achieve higher levels of transparency and risk reduction in the derivatives market, The European Market Infrastructure Regulation (“EMIR”) introduced new obligations for derivative-trading companies. Those include reporting of all derivative contacts, mandatory centralised clearing of standardised OTC derivatives, risk mitigation techniques for non-centrally cleared derivatives, and enhanced collateral requirements.

Since the beginning of its implementation, the compliance with EMIR requirements has been a challenge for financial institutions and it still is. Centrus EMIR Regulatory Services help our clients to comply with EMIR provisions, from strategic considerations to implementation and reporting.

EMIR Regulatory Requirements

EMIR has introduced:

  • Reporting obligations for OTC derivatives;
  • Clearing obligations for eligible OTC derivatives;
  • Measures to reduce counterparty credit risk and operational risk for bilaterally cleared OTC derivatives;
  • Common rules for central counterparties (“CCPs”) and for trade repositories; and
  • Rules on the establishment of interoperability between CCPs.

EMIR requires that both the counterparties of a derivative transaction must report to the trade repository on execution, modification and termination of a transaction.

Drawing experienced team of experts, Centrus offers an EMIR Data Management and Reporting solution, which includes reporting to trade repositories and reconciliation services required under EMIR.

Data Capture

  • All trade related information for the OTC derivative trade
  • Key qualitative and quantitative data pertaining to the OTC, derivative contract including trade date, effective date, scheduled maturity date, payment/settlement dates, notional value, underlying instruments, business day conventions, fixed rates, floating rates etc.
  • Collateral payments and movements
  • Position valuation per the agreed methodology of the portfolio, fund or vehicle

Reporting and Reconciliation

  • Reporting to the trade repository of the 90 required data fields
  • Reconciliation of the trade repository data against client data
  • Access to all current and historical reporting



Centrus EMIR Regulatory Services can either be provided as managed services, when we act on behalf of your company, or the platform can be implemented internally, for in-house management.

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