Structured Asset Finance

Structured asset finance covers a range of financing techniques that go beyond traditional leasing and lending.  Capital assets offer funders from different jurisdictions opportunities to deliver enhanced financing solutions based on local tax and accounting rules, often enabling borrowers to benefit from low cost funding or funding that has particular accounting benefits.

Whether structured debt solutions or structured leasing products, the team at Centrus  has considerable experience of the techniques involved.  Drawing on staff with accounting, banking and legal backgrounds, and its excellent team of financial analysts, Centrus MDT is able to provide a full advisory service in this sector.

The complexity of structured asset finance means that on occasions rules and laws can change that alter the underlying basis of the transaction structure.  Centrus MDT can advise clients on the best way to optimise their position upon such changes, and has a demonstrable track record in successfully re-structuring and re-financing complex deals of this kind.