Leasing is one of the most commonly used asset financing techniques and covers many different assets and different structures depending on the sector and the needs of asset users.  Finance leasing is a form of secured lending that often enables asset users to raise higher loan to values than are available from senior lenders.  Operating leasing allows users of long-life assets to use them for a shorter period.  Owners of such assets receive their return through the deployment of the assets to different users over the life of the asset.

Centrus supports users of plant and equipment to structure leasing for big-ticket assets and sources the best value funding to lower the cost of acquiring the capital assets needed for their business.  We also advise equity and debt investors looking to invest in leasing markets in different sectors, particularly in relation to capital assets used in the transportation sector.

The Centrus leasing team has a wealth of experience in leasing that underpins its thinking when advising clients.  Our approach is always to understand the client’s needs and deliver a solution that meets these needs as closely as possible.  Centrus can source both equity and debt, as required, for leasing transactions from its extensive relationships in the leasing sector.