Debt Financing

Senior secured lending is a key element of asset finance and leasing of long lived capital assets.  Owner operators of such assets can utilise debt funding, secured against the value of the asset, to secure longer term finance on more attractive terms than would be available under a standard corporate debt facility.  Lessors often look to the debt markets to partially fund their leasing assets with debt secured against rental streams and a first priority interest in the value of the asset.

The amount of debt available will depend on the type of asset, the quality of the covenant and the level of any income generated that can provide additional security for the lender.  Centrus understands these dynamics and is able to bring together lender groups from the bank and non-bank sectors to provide solutions to its clients’ requirements.

This specialised lending sector brings together the sector expertise of the Centrus <Asset Finance> and teams with the <Capital Raising> team to offer clients a seamless execution process to raise senior debt from the bank or private placement markets.