Asset Trading

It is essential for any asset owner to start planning the sale of the asset at an early stage.  It is often better to sell an asset before the end of the associated lease contract depending on the market conditions from time to time and the objectives of the owner.  Being deeply involved in the relevant markets allows the Centrus Transportation team to take informed decisions about the best time to trade out of assets and make appropriate recommendations to its clients.  As an active asset trader, we are always in contact with buyers and sellers of assets enabling sales to be arranged quickly and efficiently, offering best value for owners.

For larger portfolios of assets Centrus can run a broader sale process preparing a teaser and information memorandum, as well as generally managing the sale process on behalf of owners.  Maximising value from these processes is only possible where sale documentation is produced that enhances the key attributes of the assets being sold.  This requires knowledge and experience of assets and markets which we have gained from our wider involvement in the asset finance market.

We see asset trading a major value enhancement tool for asset owners and can offer expert advice and support through this process.