Asset and Lease Management

A key element of all asset finance, and particularly leasing, transactions is that the investor retains an interest in the value of the asset.  In lending and finance leasing the interest is mainly in protecting the value of the lender’s security.  For an operating lessor, however, a significant part of its return is earned from the value of the asset at the end of the lease.  Therefore, the management of the asset is essential to ensure the expected outcome from an asset finance transaction is achieved.

Leasing transactions will contain a lot of covenants, both operational and financial.  These are there to protect the owner and its interest in the leased assets.  The role of the lease manager is to monitor the covenants and ensure they are being complied with, as well as to issue notices required under the lease including rental invoices.

Centrus has a dedicated team whose job it is to manage leasing portfolios. The team has special expertise in aircraft lease management, including technical resources to assist with inspections at delivery, through the lease term and on redelivery.

We can manage assets in all sectors for clients where we have arranged the transaction.  Other management roles are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.