Youn Ho Lee Analyst

Expertise & Background

Youn Ho graduated from the London School of Economics with a MSc in Economics in 2017. He then joined Centrus as a member of the debt advisory team having interned here the previous summer. During his internship, responsibilities ranged from servicing clients in the Quantitative Finance & Systems team to modelling client portfolios for M&A processes. Youn Ho also holds a first class honours degree in Economics from Durham University.

What you didn't know about Youn Ho

Hobbies & Interests

From diving with sharks to hiking up volcanos, Youn Ho loves slinging a backpack on and jetting off to explore what the world has to offer. Complementing this passion, Youn Ho is always eager to try different foods and is a keen cook. He enjoys bringing excitement (sometimes shock) to a dinner party with his adventurous spice experiments. Additionally, Youn Ho’s interest in music has led him to religiously attend music festivals. His favourite is Glastonbury and he has recently fallen into an expensive trap of buying vinyls to represent his eclectic taste in music that nobody else seems to know and rarely likes. Finally, Youn Ho is an avid basketball player having played for Durham University Men’s Basketball second team and is a lifelong supporter of the Boston Celtics.

Contact Youn Ho

m: +44 7445 705 748
d: +44 203 946 0355