Valerie Chouman Business Manager

Expertise & Background

Valerie is Centrus’s Business Manager, with over 30 years of administrative experience. She ensures that the daily operations of the business run smoothly as well as maintaining the back office with regard to Accounting, Human Resources, Compliance and Company Secretarial functions. Please feel free to contact Valerie anytime with questions or requests or if any of her colleagues need a kick.


What you didn't know about Valerie

Hobbies & Interests

Unflappable, calm, cool and collected, Valerie runs the show from the front of the house without having to put up with the rest of the team’s shenanigans.  She is the lynchpin holding the business together, effortlessly swatting away every potential crisis, though her colleagues do sometimes wonder about the large collection of empty cigarette cartons around her desk.

When not at work, Valerie enjoys nothing more than watching her grown up sons playing football.  She can even explain the offside rule, but has been known to shout at the occasional referee if she thinks he’s not up to scratch! Her other hobbies include cooking, reading and travelling – in particular trawling through souks, preferably Moroccan ones, haggling for items that always seem such a good idea at the time but don’t look quite right once she gets them home.

Valerie’s beady eye for administrative detail is thought to have been developed when she worked in a chicken factory, sexing day-old chickens.

Contact Valerie

d: +44 (0) 203 846 5670