Lawrence Gill Assistant Director

Expertise & Background

Lawrence is a financial modeller and advisor with experience across a wide variety transactions having performed both model audit and model build at his previous role with Operis. He has worked on a range of advisory mandates for Infrastructure, Residential & Real Estate and Utilities projects in the UK and Ireland. Lawrence holds a first class degree in Mathematics from Durham University and is currently studying for his Chartered Financial Analyst qualification.

What you didn't know about Lawrence

Hobbies & Interests

With skiing, rugby, paragliding and cycling on his CV, together with a number of related fractures and dislocations, Lawrence is one of our resident action men. He has recently competed in two 100 mile cycling sportives, raising over £1500 as part of a team for SportsAid in the most recent RideLondon (one of the few successful “Olympic Legacies”). His power kiting (think kite surfing but on land) career came to a premature end when stormy conditions saw him sailing over 30ft into the air only to come crashing down and smashing his ankle, resulting in a permanent screw being inserted through his heel to fuse one of the joints in his foot.

A keen traveller, Lawrence once awoke to a pair of M16 Assault Rifle muzzles in his face on a bus in Honduras. Luckily they were held by a pair of local police (dressed in army fatigues), nevertheless they still dragged Lawrence out of the bus for a spot search for drugs. As they unloaded his entire rucksack onto the roadside, images of being thrown into a Central American jail alongside El Chapo flashed through his Xanax-fogged sleepy mind. Needless to say, the search was fruitless and Lawrence was let back on the bus, the sleeping pills soon took over again he was snoring contently as the bus rumbled on.

Lawrence is currently learning how to make chocolate from “bean to bar”, look out for his artisan bars in hip London stores soon! A sociable chap, Lawrence can often be found making friends in the kitchen at work. With a healthy appetite, Lawrence will happily eat pretty much anything other than nuts.

Contact Lawrence

d: +44 (0) 203 846 5685