Gilles Bonlong Senior Associate

Expertise & Background

Gilles joined Centrus as a Senior Treasury and Risk Consultant and leads our TITAN implementation projects. Gilles was previously employed at Rentokil Initial plc where he was responsible for the reporting and financial disclosure requirements for the company. During his time at Rentokil, Gilles managed a major treasury system scoping, selection and implementation processes. He holds a BSc in Accounting & Finance from Newport University and is in the final stage of his ACT qualification.

What you didn't know about Gilles

Hobbies & Interests

Away from office, Gilles likes to embrace his passion for fitness and sport and men’s spiritual empowerment. He enjoys football, pilates and is a keen basketball player. Gilles is a member of a local men’s church group and every other weekend you will find him involved in community engagements including counselling of young men or visits to the elderly homes. Additionally, Gilles enjoys singing and “Kizomba” dancing and is currently learning to play the guitar. Although not X-Factor ready, he enjoys putting on a show for his family who are very close to his heart.

Contact Gilles

d: +44 (0) 023 846 5704