Gavin Noyan IT Infrastructure Analyst

Expertise & Background

Gavin joined Centrus from the IT Sector where he was a Technical Support Engineer. Throughout his career, he has focussed primarily on Infrastructure and has been primarily involved in supporting and improving IT Systems, Business continuity as well as IT security strategies across the board. Since starting at Centrus he has developed an keen interest in integration between Financial and IT systems.

What you didn't know about Gavin

Hobbies & Interests

Outside of work, Gavin main focus is on looking after his energetic 3 year old who is close to his heart. When not running after his son at the local park, he enjoys watching James Bond series on repeat, his favourite of the genre being Goldeneye. When he can drag himself away from 007, his other favourite pastime is a good BBQ with family and friends during the summer months when he enjoys their usual shenanigans and family politics.

Contact Gavin

d: +44 (0) 20 3846 5702